About Us

Pravia is an established company that operates throughout the national scene. Since the beginning of the commitment Pravia was to deal with the problems of the world plant with the utmost professionalism, Pravia qualifies as a pioneer in its field, both for the quality of the materials it uses, using the leading brands on the market, for the validity of the projects realized. There are many types of interventions that Pravia offers its customers by providing a highly specialized service with the utmost seriousness and quality, from a simple repair or maintenance, design and construction of facilities.


Pravia is one of the leading enterprises in Italy in the plant. The company, constantly following changes in technology and the market, offers flexible and innovative solutions, supported by a high level of quality, ensuring the design and maintenance of systems and equipment that realizes.

Our Services

  • Photovoltaic
  • Security systems burglar alarm wireless and hard-wire, outdoor perimeter systems
  • Video Surveillance and CCTV, video management systems for large systems
  • Smoke detection systems, fire and fire
  • Data Network, IP wireless transmission systems
  • Telephone systems, telephone exchanges and auxiliary
  • Remote management facilities; integration systems for government agencies, businesses and individuals
  • Electrical systems in the tertiary sector, public and private
  • Industrial electrical and civil
  • Home automation systems, access control
  • Automation gates and doors
  • Plumbing and thermosanitary
  • Natural circulation solar panels
  • Thermal solar systems and integrated health boiler
  • Boilers, gas pellets and wood
  • Irrigation gardens
  • Ventilation